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If you have a pest control problem in Beverly you have come to the right place. Bozarjian Pest Control - licensed Massachusetts pest control exterminators is owned by Northshore's popular Richie The Bug Man; he has been in the pest removal business for over 20 years and has seen almost any imaginable pest problem. He has been one of the trusted pest removal contractors used by the Northshore Housing Authority and makes it his priority to stay on the leading edge of pest removal technology. Bozarjian Pest Control’s main goal is removing your pests and guaranteeing your satisfaction. We will make sure your problem is contained and handled before leaving the job site and will handle you and your property with care.

Beverly Pest Control and Extermination Services:

Bed Bug Elimination in Beverly

We will treat you home for bed bugs with chemical sprays and continue to check on the progress over a period of about 6 weeks to make sure the problem is eradicated.  Read More>

Carpenter Ant Elimination in Beverly

We will bait and spray for carpenter ants to prevent them from infesting the damp wood around your home. Read More>

Beverly Carpenter Bee Elimination

Carpenter bees are majestic creatures that can cause great damage to your exposed wood. We will kill the adult bees and dust to kill the emerging larvae. Read More>

Termites Extermination in Beverly

We typically use Termidor to eradicate termites from your home. Read More>

Mice Extermination in Beverly

Enclosed traps and other methods will help safely remove mice from your home. Read More>

Beverly Rat Removal

We will use enclosed traps to help catch rats in and around your home. Read More>

Spider Removal in Beverly

To remove spiders from your home we will help remove active webs, set traps and may use chemical sprays to kill the spiders in your home. Read More>

Yellow Jackets Removal in Beverly

Yellow jackets are one of the more aggressive members of the wasp family. We will use the proper protection and safe methods to remove a yellow jacket infestation from your home. Read More>

Cockroaches Extermination in Beverly

Baits and sprays can help eliminate a roach problem from your home. Read More>

No matter what your pest problem, we can help you. Bozarjian Pest Control will treat your home with respect, use method that are safe for you and your family and make every effort to guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today at 781-350-4170.

Additional Cites and Towns We Service in the Greater Boston and Northshore area:

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  • Nahant
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  • Everett
  • Revere
  • Chelsea
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  • Melrose
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  • Salem
  • Beverly
  • Boston
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